120 = Aerial view of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives

121 = Jerusalem
Also called City of God,City of David,the Joy of the Whole Earth,and in Arabic it is called Al Qudus which simply means The Holy.

Jersualem the city chosen for the great sacrifice of His son,who died for the Salvation of the World. Jerusalem,the Holy City;holy for the Jews for the Temple the hloiest shrine for the Jewish faith;holy for the Christians,for its earth bathed in the blood of our Saviour,and in Jerusalem,Jesus said i am the light of the world I an the way,the truth and the life. It is holy the Moslems who gave her the name Al Qudus - The Holy - as they have the Mosque of Alqsa meaning the Far One.
Also in Jerusalem the Moslems have the Dome of the Rock.
Jerusalem is placed 750m above sea level.The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into 4 quarters,the Christian,the Moslem,the Jewish and the Armenian Quarter.The present walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt by Suleimans the Magnificant the Turkish Sultan in the 16th century.The walls have an average height of 12m and the cirumference is about 4kms.

And when he drw near and saw the city wept over it saying "would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hid your eyes. Lude 19:41-42

122 = Jersualem from the glass window of the altar of the Church of Dominus Flevit.

123= Done of the Rock
The Shrine of the Dome of the Rock and the Aqsa Mosque,which stand on Mount Moriah,are considered by Moslems the holiest after the Kaaba in Mecca and the tomb of the Prophet Monammed in Medina. The Sacred Rock,under the Dome, tradition has identified it with the mount upon which Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son.The shrine was built by the Caliph Abd-el-Malik ibon(son)Marwan.An inscription in the interior states that it was built in the year A.H.72(A.D.691) The Crusaders in 1099 transformed the mosque into a Christian shrine.On the capture of Jersalem by Saladin in 1187,the crescent was restored to the shrine. The shrine is a regular octagon with each side measuring 19.2m.Above it rises a dome to a height of 33m.From the ground and above the dome is a crescent 3.6m high.