Jerusalem(The Golden gate)

124 = The Golden Gate
It was through this gate according to tradition that Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jersalem.In 629 the Emperor Heraclius entered the city bearing the true cross which he had taken from the persians.In the time of the Crusaders it was opened only twice a year on palm Sunday,and on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.In 1530 the Turks had it completely blocked up.
The Gate has a beautiful structure of two arches,the northen one is called the Gate of Repentance, and the southern one,the Gate of Mercy.

125 = Herods Gate in the Northern Wall
126 = The New Gate in the Northern Wall
127 = The Dung Gate in the Southern Wall
128 = The Jaffa Gate in the Western Wall

129 = Domascus Gate in the Northern Wall
130 = The Lions,or St.Stephen's Gate in the E.Wall
131 = Zion Gate in the Southern Wall
132 = Dome of the Rock - Interior