Jerusalem(El-Aqsa mosque)

134 = El - Aqsa mosque
The Caliph Al-Waleed Ibn (son-of)Abd El-Malik built the Aqsa Mosque between 709-15.Part of the Mowque still survives in the present structure.In 746 an earthquake threw down the greater part of the Mowque.It remained in ruins until Al-Mansur the Abbassid Caliph ordered its reconstruction.
The Mowque has a porch wity seven arches.It is 80m.long by 55m.wide.The central apse rests on 12marble columns To the west of the minber are two places of prayer,each having a small mihrab,one is dedicated to Issa-Jesus,the other to Moses.
It contains a museum and a library,containing important manuscripts and many other antiquities.
135 = Moslems after prayer in front of al-Aqsa Mosque.
136 = The Dome of the Rock - interior
137 = Stained glass window at the Dome of the Rock
138 = Moslems at prayer inside Al-Aqsa Mosque
139 = Suuk(Market)oriental animal market scene
140 = Old city market place
141 = Bazaar at the old city of Jerusalem