Jerusalem(Wailing Wall, Shrine of the Book)

142 = The Western "Wailing Wall"
The Western Wall is part of the walls which surrounded the Temple Area in the 2nd Temple time.
The Temple is the holiest shrine of the Jewish World
143 = The Tomb of King David
The tomb at Mt.Zion,is made of stone,covered with an embroidered cloth and embellished with silver crowns of the Torah,is one of the most sacred sites for the Jews all over the world.
144 = The Shrine of the Book
The Shrine which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls,scrools found at Qumran,is a small museum,Sumbolizing a cave,is one of the buildings of the Israel Museum.
145.145-1 = Orthodox Jews pray and read the Torach at the Western Wall
146 = Ancient Columns at Cardo Street in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.
147 = Ancient marble columns at "Cardo"Street dating back to the time of Jesus Christ
148 = "Cardo "The newly restored street in the Jewish Quarter.One of the main attractions,and the most impressive site in the rebuilt Jewish Quarter in the Old City.
149 = Heirchal Shlomo Synagogue on King George's Street
150 = The Anglican St.Paul's Church.
151 = The Anglican St.George's Cathedral