Jerusalem(Model, Basillica, Kidron -)

152 = Model of Ancient Jerusalem at the Holyland Hotel
The model city was built in the 1960's by Professor Michael Avi-Yonah with the encouragement of the owner of the Holyland Hotel Mr.Hans Kroch.The materials used in the building of the Model correspond to the original materials used in the building of Jerusalem.The Model is an exact representation of Jerusalem in about.A.d.66,just before the destruction of the city by the Romans.
The sources used to obtain information on Jerusalem at the time of the "Second Temple"are Josephus'-Antiquities of the Jews,War of the Jews,the Mishnah and the New Testament The scale used is two centimeters for every meter and the topography is very accurate.

153 = The Basillica of the Dornition
It marks the site where the Virgin Mary died,on Mount Zion.In 1910 the Benedictione Fathers built the present church,the site the Basilica was given by the Turks in 1898 to the German Emperor Wilhem II,who gave it to the Benedictine Fathers.
The apse of the church is decorated with a beautiful mosaic of Mary and the Child,In the crypt is a stone effigy of the virgin Mary asleep on her death bed.

154 = The Kidron Valley
Tomb of Zachariah,It is made of solid cubic rock 29.5.feet high,surmounted by a pyramid.

155 = The crypt in the Church of the Dormition with the statue of Virgin Mary lies in the peaceful slumber of death.
156 = The Upper Church (above the crypt)in the apse and the floors and sides with their beautiful mosaics in the Church of the
157 = Tomb or pillar of Absalom
It is believed that it is a monument which absalom(II Sam 18:18)having no son erected it in the Kings Dale to purpectuate his name. 158 = Pool of silo
So The bling man went off and washed himself in the pool of Silo and came away with his sight restored. John 9:7