Jerusalem(Lithostrotos, King's Game, Via Dolorsa)

175 = The Lithostrotos Convent of the Sisters of Zion
The construction of the convent,for the sisters of Zion began in 1859.In 1868 the church was completed and it was declard a minor basilica in 1902.The court of the Lithostros was 44.5m wide and 54m.long the flagstones still cover almost the whole surface. Most interesting are the games cut in the flagstones.
The public part of the trial of Jesus took place in the Lithostrotos and the priveate part of the tried of Jesus took place in the palace.Although Christ received his death sentence in the Lithostrotos,Yet it is the custom to begin the Way of the Cross in the palace.

176 = The pavement where Jesus was tried before Pontius Pilate and condemned to death Chapel of Condemnation and where He took the cross.

177 = The King's Game
178 = The Via Dolorsa
The King's Game
The pavement - Is one of the most interesting sites in the Holy Land. It is a part of the Lythostrotos.The pavement goes back to the Roman times.Traces of games played by the Roman soldiers are carved on the surface of some of the stones.One of the games which was very popular in the Roman army is "Game of the King."

179 = The Via Dolorosa The Way of Sorrows
Is the traditional road which our Lord & Saviour followed carrying the cross from the Judgment hall - Praetorium unto Calvary.
The events of this sorrowful way are commemorated by 14 stations.
Every Friday at 3.00 pm the Fransiscans conduct a ceremony along the Via Dolorosa.

180 = Another scene in the Via Dolorosa