Jerusalem(The Via Dolorosa)

181 = The Chrch of the Scourging The Via Dolorosa
By the Via Dolorosa we mean the road passed by our Saviour from Praetorium to Calvary.The scene of what happened through this road are fixed in 14 stations.
The first station:The Praetorium where Jesus was condemned to death
The second station:Jesus receives the Cross
The third station:Jesus falls for the first time
The fourth station:Jesus meets his mother
The fifth station:Simon of Syrene helps Jesus carty his Cross
The sixth station:Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
The seventh station:Jesus falls for the second time
The eighth station:Jesus speaks to the daughter of Jerusalem
The nineth station:Jesus falls for the thire time
The tenth station:Jesus is stripped of his garments
The eleventh station:Jesus is nailed to the Cross
The twekfth station:Jesus dies on the Cross
The thirteenth station:The body of Jesus taken dowm from the Cross
The fourteenth station:Jesus laid in the Holy Sepulcre

182.183= Bearing the Cross in Jesus's steps shows special devotion
184.185 = The Way of the Cross
14 sites along the road known as Via Dolorosa "The Way Of The Sorrows" have been marked as the stations of the Cross.These stations commemorate the day when the Son of God went to be crucified.The road begins at the Church of the Flagellation and ends within the Church of The Holy Sepulchre