Jerusalem(partial view, Golgotha)

192 = Jerusalem - partial view
In the center is the tower and the top of the Lutheran Church dedicated to the Saviour.
The church stands on the site of Saint Mary Latin.In 1869 the Turkish Sultan granted the ruins of the ancient church to Fredrick Willian of Prussia.The church was restored in the same style as that of the 12th Century.
On the left horizon is the Hebrew University of Mt.Scopus.
On The right horizon is the Augusta Victoria Hospital.
Between the Hebrew University and the Augusta Victoria is the newly built center for the Mormons.

193 = The Garden Tomb
194 = Golgotha
In 1883 the British General Charles Gordon discovered this hill which looks lide a human skull and suggested that this site might be the true Calvary.Lies about 200m.north of the Damascus Gate. Now in the palce,where he was crucified,there was a garden and in the garden a new sepulchre where in was never a mans yet laid.There laid they Jesus therefore because of the Jews preparation day for the sepulchre was high at hand. John 19:41-42

195 = Christian religious Easter cermonies of the different communities in Jerusalem
195-1.196.196-1 = Jerusalem is at the heart of the Easter ceremonies for all the Christian denominations;for it was in Jerusalem that Jesus was crucified and arose from the dead.
197 = The Fied of Blood.The Monastery of St.Onophrius,where Judas hanged himself from a tree after throwing in the Temple the pieces of silver,the price of his betrayal to the Master.