Jerusalem(Church of the Assumption, Lazarus))

202 = The Church of the Assumption
The Tomb of the Blessed Virgin
On the foot of the Mount of Olives is the Church of the Assumption.The first church was built in the beginning of the 5th Century.
The Crusaders rebuilt the church about the year 1130.Since 1757 the Greeks possess the shrine which they share with the Armenians.

203 = The sacred Tomb of the Virgin Mary in the Church of the Assumption.

Bethany - The Church of Lazarus
Two miles east of Jerusalem,on the eastern slope of Mt.Of Olives lies the famous village of Bethany, At Bethany Jesus used to visit his friend Lazarus and his two sisters,Mary and Martha.
At Bethany,Jesus performed the great miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead. And when he thus had spoken,He cried with a loud voice,Lazarus,come forth And He that was dead come forth. John 11:43-44

204 = Olive Oil Press in Bethany
205 = The entrance of St. Lazarus Tomb
206 = St.Lazarus Tomb - interior.22 steps lead down to it.