Gypsies of the Middle East

A cluster of 7 groups located in 6 countries. Latest estimates from the World Evangelization Research Center.

Group Name Country Language Population 1995 % Christian Scripture Availability Jesus Film Christian Broadcasts Mission Agenicies
Ghagar Rom Gypsy Egypt romanes 251,700 1% None None None None
Halebi Gypsy Egypt masri 1,006,900 0.01% N.T. Available Available None
Halebi Gypsy Libya domari 32,400 0% None None None None
Ghorbati Gypsy Iran domari 134,600 0.01% None None None None
Ghorbati Gypsy Iraq domari 109,300 0% None None None None
Arhagar Gypsy Pakistan romanes 14,100 0.2% Portions None None None
Middle East Gypsy Turkey domari 26,400 1% None None Available None

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