"Beginning With .. the Prophets, He (Christ) explained .. then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him"

This is a comprehensive series which leads towards a real understanding of the lessons which God wants to teach those who have the desire to learn. It contains quotes from the Holy Scripture, accompanied by suitable titles and application questions, which help in thinking and analysing. All this helps in building bridges of dialogue with others, as it includes dealing with some of the social problems, supporting the individuals in their walk to the effect of a better society.

The series comes in the form of written stories which lead gradually towards receiving the Good News in an amicable way that respects the background of the reader, his taste, and the common ground of beliefs and principles. The reaction of people from all over the world shows an increase in their understanding of the heavenly message. Please pray that more will receive life.

God has helped us to make this service freely available to millions of people, so we ask the Lord for fruit which will bring "a crop, multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times". . This series is also available in attractive book form that has been read by thousands of our beloved friends, and you also can obtain it for free by sending to us your postal address. We are praying for God's grace so that this material would be of benefit to all your friends who you would like to help to cross the barrier, so that objective discussion can lead to benefit from the prophets' stories.

God's Prophets in the Turah, Bible and Quran

The lives of these prophets with all their easy and difficult times have been a source of inspiration for everyone who sincerely seeks to obey the God of glory and dominion. We should sincerely worship that one and only God, the creator of the universe, and respect his prophets whom he sent to call for love and peace to all mankind, fairly and with no distinction.

The Beliefs of the Christians (Christianity), Muslims (Islam) and Jews (Judaism)

The people of all these religions claim that their faith leads them to love others with tolerance and to show a welcoming heart towards those who have a different opinion or belief from their own. So what you are reading here is the result of a humble effort, very much like all the works of human beings, stamped with imperfection. This is an effort in obedience to what God has commanded us, as it is written: "When you have done all the things which are given you to do, say, There is no profit in us, for we have only done what we were ordered to do." So if we have erred, like Adam and Eve, it is only God from whom we seek mercy and forgiveness.

The Books and Pillars of the Christian, Moslim and Jew, with interpretation of their meanings

All this urges us to read, search, reason and to choose between the path of truth and eternity and the blocked path of the world. Where some seek the Christ as the only Saviour, others follow Mohammed as the seal of the prophets. And others do not accept anyone except the prophet Moses and his law.

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