The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles
Thursday February 12, 1998

[IMAGE] The production of the prayer profiles has been completed. All the profiles that have been researched as part of the Profile Project are now on this site, making a total of 1,041 Prayer Profiles covering 1,632 Unreached People Groups.

A full set of printed profiles is now available for only US$99.00 + shipping. This is less than 10 each for a 4 page glossy prayer profile. This is a bargain price and worth every cent. You won't find better produced Prayer Profiles anywhere in the world. You can order your set direct from Christian Information Network by calling 888-772-9104 or by e-mailing Lkayes@CIN1040.net.

For more information about the Prayer Profiles contact:

Christian Information Network
11025 State Highway 83
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80921-3623 U.S.A.

Call 888-772-9104
or EMail: Lkayes@CIN1040.net

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