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Dear Prayer Partners,

In 1995, Bethany World Prayer Center accepted the challenge of producing prayer profiles on the Unreached. Each profile contains a photo, map, and information about the lifestyles, customs, and beliefs of the people. More importantly, it lists spiritual strongholds and addresses specific prayer needs.

Over the past two years, we have seen a wonderful increase of prayer interest for the Unreached through the ministry of the prayer profiles. As a local church, Bethany has selected fifty-two groups for prayer focus in 1998 and are giving a different profile to the congregation members each Sunday. Thatís 3,500 profiles we hand out, one per family. Already we are hearing positive responses from our pastors and our congregation of how the emphasis has broadened their awareness of the Unreached and increased their compassion for the lost.

With the "World Prayer Center" in Colorado Springs nearing completion, Christian Information Network is rapidly becoming the leader in distributing information on the Unreached Peoples and promoting prayer for the nations. To help facilitate that work and vision, we are shifting the distribution of the prayer profiles to Colorado Springs. Complete sets may be ordered by calling 888-772-9104 or by e-mailing Lkayes@CIN1040.net.

If you are looking for a specific profile, you may find it on our web site.

Thanks for your interest in the Unreached and your desire to promote prayer for the neglected peoples in the last frontiers of missions.

In Jesus,

Fawn Onorato
UPG Secretary

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September 10th '97