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[Flag] Argentina is a South American nation located on the southern part of the continent. The highest point in the Western Hemisphere, Mount Aconcagua, lies in the Argentine Andes. Most of the population lives in the capital, Buenos Aires, or in the Pampa, a fertile region of farms and ranches.

After many years of Spanish rule, Argentina became independent in 1816. The nation was enriched by immigrants from all parts of the world, and for many years was one of the world's most prosperous nations. After 1950, dictatorship and military rule brought the economy near collapse. The situation has only recently begun to improve.

Catholicism is Argentina's official religion, but evangelicals have great freedom and considerable respect. From the mid 1980's to the early 1990's, Argentina enjoyed a
powerful revival and move of the Holy Spirit.

For further information and specific prayer points for Argentina,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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