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[Flag] The Republic of Benin, is a long narrow country wedged between Nigeria and Togo on the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa.

The worldwide collapse of Communism in 1989-90 led to the multi-party elections of March 1991 and the first democratic replacement of an African head of state in mainland Africa. Marxism left a spirit of uncertainty and fear that restricted Christian witness and missionary initiative. There is now complete religious freedom.

Benin has Africa's highest percentage of followers of traditional religions and is the least evangelized non-Muslim country in Africa south of the Sahara. Only a handful of peoples have a Christian majority, and just five are more than 5% Evangelical.


For further information and specific prayer points for Benin,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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Burba, Dendi, Foodo, Fula, Idaca, Kotokoli, Natemba, Swle-Gbe.

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