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[Flag] The Republic of Guinea, is located on Africa's west coast between Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, and consists of a flat coastal plain with mountainous interior and the sources of the Niger, Gambia and Senegal rivers. Guinea has been independent from France since 1958, and a military coup in 1984 ended a cruel repressive period of Marxism that almost destroyed the country. Constitutional reform and a five year transition to civilian rule is being implemented.

At the hands of the former Marxist leader, pro-Islamic government leaders, Christians (especially Catholics), had to suffer considerably. There is now religious liberty for Christian witness and missionary activity, but Guinea remains one of the least evangelized countries in Black Africa.


For further information and specific prayer points for Guinea,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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Bande, Boin, Fula Jalon, Jahanke, Kissi, Konyanke, Koranko, Landoma, Maninka, Mano, Susu, Tukulor, Yalunka.

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