The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles

[Flag] Libya is a north African country located on the Mediterranean Sea. Over 90%
of the land area is covered by the Sahara desert.

Once ruled by Italy, Libya became independent in 1951 as a monarchy. A 1969 coup led to a dictatorship under the rule of Mu'ammar Qadaffi. The regime has become
infamous for its financing of global terrorism.

Sunni Islam is the state religion, but secularizing influences are strong. No form of Christian witness to Libyan citizens is allowed, and the worship groups and congregations of expatriates are strictly monitored. The entire population is unreached, and there has never
been a witness to the Berber or southern oasis peoples.


For further information and specific prayer points for Libya,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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Arabized Berber, Arabized Black, Fezzan Bedouin, Gadames Berber, Halebi Gypsy, Jalo Berber, Jofra Berber Kufra Bedouin, Nefusa Berber, Palestinian Arab, Riyah Bedouin, Sanusi Bedouin, Sirtican Bedouin, Sudanese Arab, Teda, Tunisian Arab, Zuara Berber.

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