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[Flag] Sudan is located in northeast Africa, just south of Egypt and is Africa's largest country. Sudan has enormous potential agricultural and mineral resources.

Since independence from Egypt and Britain in 1956, Sudan has known almost nothing but chaos and war. After Islamic extremists seized control of the government and sought to impose Islam on the Christian and animist South, more civil war and economic ruin ensued.

The government has done everything in its power to try to eliminate Christianity through the implementation of Islamic law and violent persecution. However, the church has continued to grow in spite of such repression.


For further information and specific prayer points for Sudan,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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Last update: September 30th, 1997.

Amri, Anuak, Arabized Burun, Arabized Dilling, Arabized Ghulfan, Arabized Kadaru, Arabized Kadugli, Arabized Karko, Arabized Mararit, Arabized Midob, Arabized Nyimang, Arabized Tagale, Arabized Temein, Arabized Tira, Arabized Zaghawa, Atwot, Awlad Hassan, Awlad Mana, Batahin, Bederia, Beja, Burun, Central Koma, Dar Fur Daju, Dar Hamid, Dar Sila Daju, Didinga, Dubasiyin, Erenga, Fedicca-Mohas Nubian, Fezara, Fulani, Fur, Gawamaa, Ghulfan, Gimma, Guhayna, Gule, Gumuz, Habbania, Hamar, Hasania, Hausa Fulani, Hawawir, Husseinat, Ingessana, Jumjum, Kababish, Kanga, Kanuri, Katla, Kawahla, Keiga, Kenuzi-Dongolese Nubian, Kerarish, Kimr, Krongo Nuba, Lahawin, Maalia, Maba, Maban-Jumjum, Maghrib Arab, Mararit, Masalit, Mesakin, Messiria, Midob, Mima, Mongallese Arab, Murle, Nyimang, Pari, Rashaida, Rizeiqat, Rufaa, Selim, Shaikia, Shatt, Sherifi, Shukria, Sudanese Arab, Sungor, Swahili, Tagale, Tagoi, Tama, Temein, Tigre, Tingal, Tira, Tulishi, Tungur, Yazeed, Yemeni Arab, Zaghawa.

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