The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles
United States of America

[Flag] The United States of America is a vast land stretching across North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The USA is the most influential nation in the world, with great military, technological, and agricultural might.

The USA became independent from Great Britain in 1776, and in 1787 the Constitution established the world's first federal republic. The original 13 states grew to 50 as the nation expanded westward across the continent. After the collapse of Communism in the USSR, the USA was left as the only dominant world power, but was uncertain of its future role in global affairs.

Religious freedom is enshrined in the Constitution; historically, no other nation has enjoyed such broad, uninhibited freedom of worship. But that freedom has been hampered in recent years by court rulings and legislation designed to remove religion from
public life and thoroughly secularize society.

For further information and specific prayer points for the USA,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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