The Balkan Gypsies.

Latest estimates from the World Evangelization Research Center.

Group Name Country Language 1995 Population % Christian Scripture Availability Jesus Film Christian Broadcasts Mission Agenicies
Rom Gypsy China romanes 12,000 2% None None None None
Balkan Gypsy France arlija 11,100 80% Portions None None 2
Balkan Gypsy Greece arlija 11,900 70% Portions None None 1
Greek Rom Gypsy Greece Greek romani 35,500 60% None None None 2
Balkan Rom Gypsy Iran romani 26,900 5% Portions None None None
Balkan Gypsy Moldova romani 102,200 10%   None None  
Balkan Rom Gypsy Turkey arlija 55,800 5% Portions None None None
Balkan Gypsy Ukraine romani 699,000 10%   None None  
Balkan Gypsy Yugoslavia romani 120,000     None None  
Rom Gypsy Yugoslavia sinte romani 1,000 70%   None None

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