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[Flag]The Lao People's Democratic Republic (formerly known as the land of a million elephants), is a landlocked state with high mountains in the east, the Mekong River in the west, and with jungles covering 60% of the country. As part of Indo-China (located between China, Thailand and Vietnam), it gained independence from France in 1954, but Lao and Vietnamese Communist forces conquered the country in 1975. Communist leaders are still in full political control.

The church suffered much under Communism, though restrictions have eased somewhat since the early years. However, restrictions on public evangelism, building of churches and links with foreign organizations remain, and Churches are suspected as potentially subversive.


For further information and specific prayer points for Laos,
look up the book
"Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone.

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Black Tai, Boloven, Brao, Bru, Cambodian, Chinese Shan, Han Chinese (Cantonese), Han Chinese (Mandarin), Highland Yao, Ir, Kantu, Katang, Katu, Kui, Lamet, Lao, Lao Phuan, Lor, Lower Taoih, Lu, Muei Tai, Oy, Pacoh, Phu Thai, Punoi, Red Tai, Saek, Sila, So, Thai Nung, Upper Taoih, Western Bru, White Tai.

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